Hello! I'm Holly, and I'm designer, illustrator and professional colour-in-er at Death by tea HQ. 

I graduated from with a BA Hons Degree in Textile Design, after which, I completed an internship with a fellow designer/maker. This experience inspired me to go about creating my own business and with help, support and encouragement from my family and friends...here I am. 

Here are  the answers to a  couple of the most FAQs here at Death by Tea:

Q. Why are you called Death by Tea?
A. I couldn't decide on a name, and one day I was sat outside having a brew and a wasp flew into my cup of boiling hot tea, tragically dying in front of my eyes. I felt so bad about this that I decided to call my business ' Death by Tea' as a tribute and legacy to the wasp. It's quite biblical really.

Q. Are these your drawings?
A. Please see photo above for supporting evidence. Although my drawings do resemble that of small child, I can 100% assure you I do not have a factory of 7 year olds churning out drawings, promise! Everything you see here came from my 27 year old brain. 

My work combines sweet sentiments,  a naive drawing style and playful composition to create a range of unique and charming cards, stationery and home wares. 

I am inspired by simple pleasures and the young at heart, my aim is to make people smile and remind them of childhood in a grown up world!